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Since his early origin, Music has been considered a medium to evoke emotions in the listeners. Even if researchers still argue wheter it elicits emotional responses in the audience, or wheter it simply represents emotions, they agree that music provides a sort of emotional experience and affects our moods (Sloboda & Juslin, 2001).

In modern society there are different mediums that are used for delivering emotion and experiences but one of the youngest is the video games. …


The video game industry is one of the largest media in the world. It succeeded even Hollywood and the global music industry combined as in 2016 global revenues from games topped $101 billion (Esa, 2016). As the games industry becomes larger, even more attention is being paid to the rigorous study and examination of games.

In this post, the attention is regarded to music in video games. According to Luciano Berio’s definition, music is anything that is pitched, and has some regular division of time.

Linear Music

In most 2d games the music is played as a linear composed piece that is…

Usually the realism of an interactive experience is based on these main components: graphics, physics & AI, and audio. After more than 30 years of computer graphics enhancements, modern 3D games such as Sony’s God of War, or Ninja Theory’s “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice” can deliver a stunning and near-photorealistic image at interactive rates. This is not only related to graphics, for example games like Valve’s Half Life 2 or Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption have developed a complex integrated physics system, including objects which interact one with another in a realistic way (N. Raghuvanshi, C. Lauterbach: ACM Press, 2007)


Dialogue is one the main tools to deliver the rules and the story to the player. It is not a merely decorative element that helps to create the world around the gameplay but it is a form of design itself! With a well written and directed dialogue the game can increase the immersion of the player in the main character. Letting him choose different phrases in the conversation can be more liberal and rewarding.

“The more emphasis a game puts on narrative, the more this turned into a dialogue with the player” (Domsch, 2017).

Figure 1: Dialogue choises in Fallout 3

-Three fundamental aspect of a conversation-

The post will explain what it is this technique and the reasons why it’s a common technique used in game audio.


Procedural sound design is the technique to manipulate sounds not as already designed wav files but as algorithm. It is used in Video Game audio development to recreate real sounds. Dividing each sound in its own parts. Just think for example at footsteps in general. Footsteps has different part of it: the thump when the foot hit the ground, the tail when you release the foot and even an “attack time” when a person is shuffling. …

Dead space is one of the best survival horrors of the last decades. It excels in providing a sense of unease and fear in the player that not so many games did it properly.

The main aspect is the sound design. It supports the narrative, as it is the main function, but it serves as a guide to the player during his passage through the wicked spaceship.

Here, you play as an engineer Isaac Clarke as he navigates through the mining spaceship and fights deadly monsters called Necromorphs, while struggling with growing psychosis. …

Luca Petrillo

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